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martedì 7 agosto 2012

Hello ..!!! I come back for a while ..!!

This is the first post I write on the blog made with the new edition of

Unfortunatly, some elements that I posted in the past years about great actor Keanu Reeves, from my old page, were lost during the migration to new edition page, ( some nice slideshows, some video, some photos, some articles, comments, biography and so on ). At soon I hope to write all the news again.., there are always many news about actor Keanu Reeves, he is an Artist always at work, he loves his Art with great devotion.. !!

  -NB/This blog is only UnOfficial web page, non-profit fan page, just for sharing photos, news, links about actor Keanu Reeves for fans like me and has no official affiliation with Mr. Reeves.

  I'm sorry... !! Works in Progress at this page… !!

However, if you want .., you can read some news about recent Keanu Reeves' activity on my Facebook page “Gabbiano Blu”, where since I opened my profile page, I always continued to write many messages with all news about him, and where you can also see some beautiful photos of Keanu.

You can also find some updates on the recent activity of Keanu Reeves, visiting other pages of my Blog. Look at the Menu bar or on the Sidebar, click and open the sections that I made about the Filmography and Biography of Keanu Reeves.

  This is my link for finding me on facebook :

On my Facebook wall , in the section “My Notes”, you can also find some Poems writen by myself, all these poems are Protected Copyrights Reserved ..

Ciao …!! Hugs from Italy   :-)



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